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This all-in-one golf rangefinder helps you accurately measure distance, slope and speed, height, and horizontal distance with precision.Quick, Ultra-Fast Reading, Designed to give you an enhanced view up to 600 meters (656 yards), our golf laser range finders provide accuracy in seconds within 1 yard.

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Pin Lock Technology – Along with being able to lock onto a flagpole, our range finder features a vibration lock that lets you know when you’re locked onto the flag..
Compact, Portable Golf Accessory – The ideal choice for any golfer’s bag, this golf laser rangefinder includes a lanyard, belt-mounted case, cleaning cloth, and battery.
Enhanced Magnification and Viewing – Each features an adjustable eyepiece, ultra-clear lens display with battery indicator, 6x magnification, and a 21mm objective lens.
Laser Range Finder Golf

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