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Just give in to simplicity and get back to the game at hand. The LaserWorks 600PRO provides measurements in 1-yard increments, can range up to 650 yards and 250 to the flag, and it’s budget-friendly. It won’t break the bank to land this entry-level gadget, but it might help you break 80. With its long eye relief, you can bet you can keep your specs on too. Don’t be afraid to go the cheaper route, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that it does exactly what it’s supposed to do!

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It’s new, it’s feature-packed, and it’s cheaper than ever! The LaserWorks 600PRO has four whopping targeting modes to offer the avid golfer: Standard, Scan, Pin, and Pin Finder. You’ll never be without an accurate distance ever again, even on tournament day.
It’s small, compact, and lightweight. You can adjust the diopter, go between yards and meters, and it’s water resistant for those accidental splashes. It comes with a boat-load of accessories, and a 1-year warranty that LaserWorks will make good on if you ever have the need.
Pin Lock Technology – Along with being able to lock onto a flagpole, our range finder features a vibration lock that lets you know when you’re locked onto the flag..
Compact, Portable Golf Accessory – The ideal choice for any golfer’s bag, this golf laser rangefinder includes a lanyard, belt-mounted case, cleaning cloth, and battery.
Enhanced Magnification and Viewing – Each features an adjustable eyepiece, ultra-clear lens display with battery indicator, 6x magnification, and a 21mm objective lens.
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