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Whether your'e golfing, hunting,watching games or conducting forestry survey, knowing the right distance is essential or helpful, Mileseey takes pride in delivering innovative, high-quality products,it equipped with a 6X optical viewing system that is easy for targeting, and has basic functions of range, It supports four measuringmodes. In addition, the product is with graceful appearance design which meets the design concept of human engineering.
wholesale cheap rangefinders supplier, LaserWorks rangefinder 600m hunting with different modes such as scan, pinseeking, speed, fog and so on, gives you amazing experience, perfect for in golfing, hunting games

Product Info

Unit Piece
Minorder 1
Supplyability 20,000pcs/month
Payment TT,PayPal, Credit Card, Visa,L/C
Port Shenzhen / Hongkong
Certification FDA,FCC,Rohs,CE, EN60825
Place China
Packaging 1*Rangefinder, 1*case, 1*manual, 1*lens cloth, 1*hanyard

Product Detail

1.Measuring Distance/Speed/ Angle/ Height all in one device
2. Built-in 3V CR2 battery, Single Measuring 6000 times after one time full charging
3. Original double injection molding shell, so that the product is more solid
4. Maximum capacity building measure in light of the standard.
5. Weather target size, surface shape may have an impact on the maximum range.
6. Range finder binoculars is a portable laser rangefinder binoculars plus optical instruments.
7. A combination of telescope laser ranging capabilities.
8. Has high accuracy, short time Distance measurement from visual display power consumption & automatic power-off & other
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