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To meet the demands of the forestry industry for more functions to conduct simple measurements. The Forestry rangefinder F1000 is equipped with measurements in addition to the conventional vertical separation. The measurement provides the difference in height between two targets by measuring horizontal distance to a target then angles to the target base and the top. It is very useful when the laser beam is blocked by the bushes or branches that cover the base or top of a tree. Measurement can be displayed in feet as well as meters and yards.

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F1000 is with external LCD display, the results are displayed on both internal and external LCD panels. 
High-quality 6x monocular with multilayer coating produces bright images.
With the multi-functions of : Basic Ranging; Rectangular area & Rectangular perimeter; Circular area & Circumference; Rectangular area & Rectangular perimeter with angle correction; Circular area &Circumference + angle correction; Horizontal distance;Vertical height and Tilt angle.
laser rangefinder for forestry

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