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It's a digital night vision eyepiece, which is easily installed to the rifle scopes. It helps you to get the film from your scope, and back with LCD to display the images. It combines with 850nm  IR light, which can used in day & night.

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Digital Night Vision Add-on
Power up the unit then rotate diopter adjustment knob until the menu icons become sharp when looking through eye display. ( This process does not need to go with a clear image in your view.)

Fit scope ring mount to the rifle scope, the mount fits scopes with a maximum eyepiece outer diameter of 47mm, if the eye piece is under this diameter use the supplied (1-7 pairs) different sized plastic half shells to fit different scopes to ensure a snug fit.

Fit the unit to the scope ring adaptor and ensure its locked in place, look through the unit and adjust the objective focus knob so you get sharp image of your scope reticle, rotate the scope ring adaptor to align the the reticle so it is perfectly aligned to your shooting style and mounting position (may require the ring mount to be slackened off the eye piece slightly to adjust). Then re-tighten scope ring mount once complete.

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