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Range Finder (800PRO) integrates the advanced technology of Emission Projection Display ( EPD),to replace the traditional transmission display LCD screen, which is able to see the readings under any light conditions. Even if the day is gloomy or there is not enough light, you will still be able to see the measurements clearly. Optical transmissivity is higher than 55%.

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Update an all aluminum housing which helps wholesalers to make OEM logos or colors become more convenient.

800PRO is our newly released hot selling range finder with functions below features: 
1. Small compact pocket size with ergonomic design for easy & comfortable holding
2. Eyepiece diopter adjustable
3. 100% eyesafe class 1 laser with 3 lens design
4. resolution 0.5m within 200m
5. Emission Projection Display new technology to enable reading under weak lighting surrounding
6. horizontal distance measure for hunting, golf pinseeker for golf with jolt
7. low power consumption, 1 piece CR2 3V battery can measure 4000 to 6000 times
8. Optics transmissivity higher than 55%
laser rangefinders
The inner display can be in red or black LCD.

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